Samsung Balance Mouse

Samsung robotic mouse

New Design Of Robotic Mouse

Samsung Balance Mouse, as we know from the name, is another new technology of Samsung. This Samsung design is made by BKID co. It works peripherally like any other computer during the day. But when it’s not in use, simply pop it out of its shell, and transform the device into a robotic mouse. It is claimed that when this mouse is run through an app, Its performance can be used in a much better way.

Without Shell Of Samsung Robotic Mouse Images

The special thing about this robotic mouse is that it works like a normal mouse in the day like any other computer mouse. With which people can do their work. But when office time is going to end or it is over. The same robotic mouse leaves its shell and comes out. Which gives the working person an indication that the time to work is over. This design is made for those people who always busy at work. Those who do office work forget that it is time for them to go home.

Bottom View of Samsung robotic Mouse

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