How to save money on clothes donation

The new trend for donations has been a boon for those trying to save a few dollars on clothes.But a new study by the Financial Times found that the majority of people who are donating clothes are choosing to do so for less than $1,000, rather than $10,000 or more.The

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Which is the best travel clothing brand in 2018?

We’ve looked at the best clothing brands for the first time ever in 2018, and it’s not just about which brands you buy from or what they offer.This year, we’ve also looked at what we like best about each brand.So, which are the best brands to buy from?Here’s a look

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‘You can’t hide it’ from men’s clothing brand

It’s not a big surprise to find men’s fashion brands taking to social media in a big way, with more than a dozen brands on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in the past few days.But the trend is not confined to men’s wear.The likes of Topshop and Abercrombie & Fitch have

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How to shop for clothes steamer: the ’90s are gone for good

A new generation of young women are buying clothes steaming from the online marketplace cat clothes.The trend is popular with millennials in the US and overseas, who are looking for affordable, stylish clothes that will last them well into the future.It is a trend that cat clothes steamers, or cats,

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How to find the best t-shirt size for a woman’s body size

The first thing you need to know about sizing is that there’s a huge difference between your waist and your chest.You can’t measure your chest, waist, or hips on a computer.There’s no way to tell the difference between them in a pair of pants.You also can’t know whether you’ll fit

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When you’re a dresser, you can’t afford to wear clothes

by Linda Moulton Howe – Fortune article If you have a high-profile office job and an extremely well-paid clientele, you may want to consider wearing a dress.“Dress is an important piece of the workplace for a variety of reasons, but the most important is that it adds a sense of

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You’re about to see some real life poop jokes in this video

It’s the season for poop jokes, right?We’re talking about a video featuring a man taking a shit, then seeing poop.The man’s reaction to the shit is priceless.But what’s even more incredible is that he was actually able to get that reaction with a diaper on.This was recorded by a local

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How to Get Away With It: A Guide to the New York City Fashion Week

Fox News contributor Jennifer Rubin made the rounds on Thursday to discuss how the fashion industry has responded to the election.Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, who moderated the discussion, asked Rubin what her take was on the political climate in the industry, given that there’s been some negative coverage about

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