Google recently removed at least 36 apps from the Google Play Store

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Google Play Removed 36 app form Store

Recently “Google” removed at least 36 apps from the Google Play Store after being alerted to malicious intent. These camera apps were mainly released in late 2019. The developers of these apps fooled malicious adware functions to get Google Security Scan. These applications have been reported by Zednet, a company that suppresses white ups bots. It is also not easy for users to ‘uninstall’ these applications as they automatically hide icons of “phone applications”. Therefore, if you have downloaded any of these 36 apps from Google Play, it is recommended that you remove them.

Google Play Store image
Google Play Store

The list of app name is :

  • Yoroko Camera, Solu Camera,
  • Lite Beauty Camera,
  • Beauty collage Lite,
  • B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera,
  • Photo Collage & Beauty Camera,
  • Beauty Camera,
  • Gaty Beauty Camera 1.0.1APK,
  • Pand Selfie Beauty Camera,
  • Cartoon Photo Editor – Selfie Art Camera,
  • Benbu Selfie Beauty Camera,
  • Beauty Camera – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor,
  • Mood Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera,
  • Rose Photo Editor & Selfie Beauty Camera,
  • Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & Photo Editor,
  • Fog Selife Beauty Camera,
  • First Selife Beauty Camera & Photo Editor,
  • Vanu Selife Beauty Camera,
  • Sun Pro Beauty Camera,
  • Funny Sweet Beauty Camera,
  • Little Bee Beauty Camera,
  • Beauty Camera & Photo Editor Pro,
  • Grass Beauty Camera,
  • Ele Beauty Camera,
  • Flower Beauty Camera,
  • Orange Camera,
  • Sunny Beauty Camera Free,
  • Landy selfie Beauty Camera,
  • Nut Selfie Camera,
  • Art Beauty Camera – 2019,
  • Elegant Beauty Cam – 2019,
  • Selfie Beauty Camera & Funny Filters,
  • Selfie Beauty Camera Pro,
  • Pro Selfie Beauty Camera, etc…

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