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How to dress for any occasion

There’s nothing quite like a good pair of khaki shorts, or a pair of casual jeans, or even a pair a chinos.So how do you decide what to wear?The answer to that question is a little more complicated than it might seem at first.For starters, what are khaki and chinos?Well,

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How to make homemade clothes for kids

Make your own clothes for your kids to wear at home.It’s super simple and it’s totally fun!Here are a few ways to get started.1.Find the perfect diaper for your baby.Your baby’s diapers should be snug and dry, not wet.It should be a diaper that fits comfortably in the pouch.It also

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The Women’s Clothing Trend That Can’t Die

The women’s clothing market is changing faster than you might think.And, according to research from global apparel company Zara, there’s an opportunity to win over women in the apparel industry with a new style of clothing, a new approach to pricing, and a more affordable way to get the goods

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Which kappa outfit should I get for my kappa costume?

This article is about the kappa fashion and accessories, and what to expect from kappa. Kappa has been around for ages, and in a few different iterations.A kappa mask can be used for any kappa style, and is a unique feature that comes in many variations.The mask has an overall length

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How to buy streetwear in Vancouver

Streetwear is the hottest trend in Vancouver right now, with fashion house brands like BAPE, Denim Factory and Adidas leading the way.But the city has its own set of streetwear staples, including some of the coolest skate brands in the world.Read more about Vancouver streetwear:What are the best streetwear brands

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How to save $1,500 on a new pair of jeans

We’ve all heard the saying “wear what you like, not what others think”.But what if your clothing choices don’t suit you? How do you know if your clothes fit you?This article looks at the research, the research literature and a few of the best ways to make sure you’re choosing the

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When a rainstorm makes yoga clothes obsolete

The sunsets in front of a Buddhist temple on a sunny spring day.The rain is so heavy, it looks like someone is carrying a heavy bag.I’ve got my rain jacket, my rain pants, and my rain cap.It’s raining, so it’s raining outside, and I’m going to get wet.The rain has

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How to get the perfect dress for your wedding dress

We all know that we like to look fabulous for our weddings, but the more important part of the ceremony is what to wear.Whether you’re getting married in a traditional white dress or going traditional with a modern white dress, it’s important to have the right look and feel for

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