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Amazon sells $1.5 billion in cheap clothes online

The online retailer today announced that it sold a record $1 billion worth of cheap clothing online this month, including dresses, pants and underwear, to customers in the U.S., Mexico, and Brazil.Amazon’s chief executive officer Jeff Bezos, in a statement today, said Amazon had already sold $1,826 million worth

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Cheap clothing online

Cheap clothing websites have become a main source of information for consumers seeking clothing for a variety of reasons, from the budget to the vintage.With the rise of online shopping, consumers have a variety the opportunity to browse through various clothing brands and find clothing that will fit their budget.The

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Trump, Putin are ‘fearless’ in fight against Islamic State

President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were both in “fearful” talks Thursday about the threat posed by Islamic State, the White House said, but both men remained optimistic about their countries’ fight against the extremist group.“They have also been engaging on a number of other strategic issues, including

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Which is the best travel clothing brand in 2018?

We’ve looked at the best clothing brands for the first time ever in 2018, and it’s not just about which brands you buy from or what they offer.This year, we’ve also looked at what we like best about each brand.So, which are the best brands to buy from?Here’s a look

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‘You can’t hide it’ from men’s clothing brand

It’s not a big surprise to find men’s fashion brands taking to social media in a big way, with more than a dozen brands on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in the past few days.But the trend is not confined to men’s wear.The likes of Topshop and Abercrombie & Fitch have

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You’re about to see some real life poop jokes in this video

It’s the season for poop jokes, right?We’re talking about a video featuring a man taking a shit, then seeing poop.The man’s reaction to the shit is priceless.But what’s even more incredible is that he was actually able to get that reaction with a diaper on.This was recorded by a local

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How to pick the right baby clothes for a man

The latest in baby clothing is on sale, and there’s no denying that the trend is picking up steam in the United States and around the world.And if you’ve got an extra pair of hands on your hands, you can definitely pick out a new style of baby clothes online

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What’s in your clothes?

The world of fashion is a crowded one, but there are still some things that you won’t find on most brands’ shelves.While the majority of products on store shelves are just plain old clothes, some brands have a different take on what makes a great piece of clothing.The latest trend

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How to make a cute girl outfit using $20 clothing

When I first started making my first outfits, I used a $20 dress for the girls and a $200 dress for me.I was trying to make my daughter happy, but it didn’t quite work out.So I switched to a $30 dress.I wanted a nice dress for her and I wanted

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