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The race to keep women out of marathons

Race organizers are scrambling to find a way to keep runners, walkers, and cyclists from racing at the 2018 marathon.Here’s what you need to know about marathoning and the race itself.Read more Here are the main rules for the Boston Marathon: Marathon distance: 3.5 miles, from Start to Finish (about

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Why should you shop for girls clothes in Australia?

By now, most of us have heard of fashion trends.You can get a new pair of jeans for a couple of bucks and then be on your way to wearing something new for the rest of your life.Or, if you’re feeling brave, you could make your way down to Victoria

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How to dress for the upcoming inauguration

For the next four years, the inauguration of Donald Trump will be a spectacle.The man who made America great will have the opportunity to reshape the nation’s most cherished symbols.And we’re going to make sure it looks great.So, here’s a quick checklist of what you need to wear for the

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When the mom wears maternity clothes and the kids are in the room

The mom doesn’t have to wear anything on her baby or herself.You can get the clothes from a wide range of sources and the only requirement is that they be maternity-style.For example, maternity shirts are often made from cotton, linen or linen cotton, or can be made from wool, cotton

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Why it’s not cool to wear fenty jeans

Microfiber fabric is an innovative technology that allows you to transform your jeans into something more stylish.But while microfibre is cheap and versatile, it also has some serious downsides.It’s a very strong material that takes time to shrink, and it has a tendency to fray.The main reason is that its

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Cheap clothes online: What you need to know about online stores, cheap clothing online, online clothing stores

In a new video series called Cheap Women, the CBC’s Carolyn O’Neil explores how online retailers such as Cheap Shirts and Cheap Clothing offer women cheaper, more comfortable and affordable clothes online.O’Neill interviews brands including Lulu, A.P.C., Mollie Mae and Soho.(CBC)Here’s what you need know about shopping online.For a price,

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