Google Assistant now comes with a Voice Control Android TV

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Android Tv Model With ‘Google Assistant’ Voice control

Google Assistant now comes with an Android TV model with a dedicated button on the remote control. Now a new report states that the code for the latest version of the Google search application for Android TV has detected integration of voice matches. This will allow multiple users to see personalized results while using the Google Assistant. The Android TV model has only shown results related to the user whose ‘Google account’ is logged in.

According to the report by 9to5Google. The upcoming feature was found in a string of code that was obtained from decompiling the Google Search app for Android TV. Notably, this was the latest version of the app – version 4.2.0 as per the report. The code stated:

Android Tv Voice  match inline
Android Tv Voice match inline

The voice matching feature allows many users to get personalized results when they use Google Assistant voice search. This string of code suggests the feature has been integrated into the Google Search app. This could help with logging into the correct Netflix account, accessing Spotify playlists, and other personalized search queries.

The report also says it can help users run Stadia on the right account, depending on who gave the command. Further, the report points out that this upcoming feature could be in preparation for the upcoming Android TV Dongle reportedly codenamed ‘Sabrina’.

However, it is unclear if the feature will make its way to all smart TV models running Android or a select few.

In particular, devices such as smart speakers that many users use are already integrated with Google Assistant. This means that when the Google Assistant recognizes certain sounds. It will show the results associated with this particular account, such as calendar entries, reminders, calls, etc.

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