How to dress for spring in the UK

The US is a country that has become synonymous with winter clothes.

But many in Britain are opting for a different kind of summerwear: autumn and autumnal clothes.

This article explores the best outfits for both. 

Source Business Insider 1.

Casual Autumn Coat and Pants This is the look for the fall season, with the winter clothes falling in line with the weather.

This coat is the classic British one-off, a simple grey wool sweater and jeans with a belt. 

Read more: Autumn coats are also great for those times when the weather doesn’t exactly suit the UK. 2.

Casual Winter Coat and Boots This look is for those winter days when the cold is on the way, but not the end of the world, and when winter is just around the corner.

The classic winter jacket and trousers will do the trick. 


Casual Booties These look to be the perfect summerwear for those long days, so you can get away from the daily grind of daily life.

The bootie looks like a traditional pair of boots, but with a bit of a slouch and a bow. 


Casual Summer Boots You’ll want to dress like you’re going to be out in the country for long stretches of time.

The summer boots come in a range of colours, including white, green, red and grey. 


Casual Trousers If you’re the kind of person who enjoys taking the plunge in the autumn, these trousers are ideal for that.

They’re a blend of a casual knit and a solid, fitted fabric, with a classic British tweed and black leather patch. 


Casual Pants These are perfect for those autumn days when you want to go out in style, but still stay within the comfort of your home.

The casual pants come in two basic styles: a classic wool knit and cotton tweed. 


Casual Shorts If the summer is the time to be getting dressed, then the shorts are the way to go.

They have a classic fit, but they also have a casual look. 


Casual Skirt If it’s the perfect time to go for a casual summer evening, you can always wear a skirt.

This skirt is a good choice for those chilly evenings. 


Casual Shirt If all you’re really looking for is a casual pair of jeans, then a shirt is the way for you to go in autumn.

The look is a classic, slim cut, white cotton shirt, with lots of pockets and a nice length. 


Casual Sweaters A classic summer style, the sweater is the perfect choice for autumn.

These are a classic look with a good amount of pockets. 


Casual Boots Whether you’re heading to the countryside or staying home in the city, this is the ideal pair of autumn boots. 


Casual Slippers If winter is a big deal in your life, the slippers are the perfect way to wear a casual autumn look.

This style has a classic design with a fitted fabric. 


Casual Top Coat This coat is perfect for autumn and winter.

The coat is a simple, wool knit, and a long-sleeve wool wool button up shirt. 


Casual Jacket The jacket is the ultimate summer coat.

This is a long, white wool jacket with a long collar and button, with long sleeves and a button fly. 


Casual Gloves These gloves are great for when you need to take on the colder weather, but want to wear something a little more casual.

These gloves are a combination of a wool knit with a cotton knit and some long-wearing leather. 


Casual Hat If autumn is the season for hats, this hat is the autumnal equivalent.

These hat are simple with a bow and an over-sized button. 


Casual Shoes You want to look like you just got on a bike, not riding down the hill. 

The shoes are classic with a vintage-style pattern and a slim, fitted silhouette. 


Casual Hoodie This hat looks perfect for the colder days of autumn.

It’s a lightweight wool knit hat with a thin cotton knit. 


Casual Suit If there’s one thing you can’t go wrong with, it’s a classic winter suit.

This suit has a pattern with a simple knit, a wide collar and a big bow.


Casual Dress Shirt This shirt is a bit different than other summer shirts.

Instead of a simple wool knit or cotton knit, this shirt is made of a solid wool knit fabric, so it looks like the real thing. 


Casual Coat The classic winter coat can be found in many styles.

This classic jacket is a lightweight, wool-knit wool jacket. 


Casual Sneakers If summer is still in full swing, you’ll want these winter sneakers for your autumn outfit. The

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