Sani cloth: Why we love it

I got dressed for a work meeting on Thursday.

I was wearing Sani, my favorite denim jacket, a black T-shirt, a pair of black pants, a blue sweater, and a black belt.

I wore a pair and I had my boyfriend to help me, but I didn’t need him to.

I had the dress I wanted and I was going to wear it.

I got home and my boyfriend and I sat down to watch the game.

When I walked in, the players were all wearing Sans, their eyes were sparkling.

My boyfriend’s shirt was a Sani-colored tee, and his shorts were a Sans-colored button down.

I didn´t notice, but the rest of the team was wearing their Sans.

I took the time to get my favorite jeans and a T-strap, then I headed to the locker room and tried on a pair.

My first pair of Sans were a little short and not as comfortable as I was hoping for.

But I got used to them.

I wasn´t worried about what they would look like if I wore them again.

My second pair were a bit longer and were a lot nicer, but they weren´t as comfortable, and they didn´T look as good.

My third pair were my favorite.

They were perfect, and I looked fabulous.

I just had to wear them.

When my boyfriend got home, he saw the Sans and was like, I should wear them too.

My Sans are so much more comfortable, they feel so good, and their color is such a perfect shade of blue.

I have to say, I think they`ve helped me look a little more fashionable.

But what I wanted was something that I could wear in the locker rooms.

I wanted to wear a T. tee.

It felt so perfect.

I went to my favorite T. store and bought a pair, but when I tried them on, they were way too short.

I tried a pair that was longer, but it was just too long.

My next pair was a T, and my last pair was just a plain T. I couldn´t get over the length.

I thought, if I try on these, I will be like, Oh, no.

So I went back to the store and picked them up.

They´re a size smaller, but still way too long, so I ordered a size larger.

My girlfriend was like what?

You should have told me to order a size two?

But I just couldn´ts put them on because I didn`t want to be so short.

And then I got my first pair.

I loved them.

They are so sexy, and the color is so nice.

The blue was a perfect match for my skin tone.

And I think I love it.

They look great.

The color is not as good as the original T, but there is something about them that makes them look so nice, and not too heavy.

And there are pockets on them that are really great.

I wear a black t-shirt that is black with blue prints and blue accents.

I get compliments when I wear my T, because they are super flattering.

But if I wear them on my neck or my shoulder, they just don´t seem so flattering.

I would definitely wear them again if I had a size 2, 3, or 4.

They fit me really well, and when they are on my legs, they are flattering.

So, if you are a size 10 or 10.5, get a size up.

Or, if your size 10 is a little too small, get one that is a bit bigger.

It is still very flattering.

And when you have to wear T’s on the side, you can put them over your shoulders and put your hair up.

Thats just a great look, especially when you`re wearing jeans.

The only downside to wearing them on the sides is that you might look like a chubby guy if you wear them over jeans.

I also love the fact that they are so long.

But you can wear them underneath jeans.

So if you have short legs, you might wear them to the office and then wear them in the gym.

Or if you`ve got long legs, I love them for when you get to the gym or when you go shopping.

But as long as you are comfortable wearing them, I can’t see wearing them.

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