A new way to get rid of unwanted clothes

A new twist on the old “shower curtain” is changing the way Canadians wash their clothes and are sharing tips to make the process a bit more pleasant.

The change comes as the number of people leaving the country for the summer and winter months has surged.

In 2016, Canada saw a record 7,638,100 arrivals from the United States, up more than 30 per cent from 2015.

In a statement, Canada Post said it has heard from customers in the U.S. who want to reduce the number or wear the “shampoo curtain” to keep their clothes dry.

“We have heard from many of our customers who would like to wear the shampoo curtain, but they’re worried about it getting in the way of their daily activities,” the statement said.

“They’re concerned about the amount of shampoo they can and the cost of washing the clothes.

So, we’re exploring a new way that can reduce their laundry and reduce the amount they’re washing.”

The shampoo curtain is made of two layers of fabric with a cloth-covered top and a towel-like top.

It has a curtain that folds down over the top of the fabric, but only a small amount of the curtain can be used.

“The curtain is meant to be worn in an open position, and there’s no need to wash your clothes when it’s completely dry,” the Canada Post statement said, noting that customers will also be able to wear it to the washroom without washing their hands.

Canada Post has started offering the shampoo curtains in stores, with customers ordering online through the company’s website.

It said it will also start offering the curtain in select department stores in the coming weeks.

The curtain also has a new feature: It can be worn over the washtub.

The Canada Post release also offered a few other tips for people looking to keep clothes in good condition.

It encouraged customers to keep the curtain open, wear it in a way that’s not distracting, and not allow it to touch the floor or other items.

“It’s not a perfect solution,” said Shauna Miller, a customer in the Toronto area who uses the curtain to keep her clothing dry.

“But it does make my life easier.”

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