What you need to know about papaya clothing dye

We have seen some pretty shocking stories lately about papayas clothes, with the company PETA’s recently-released film Papaya Clothing Dyes, starring Scarlett Johansson, raising a lot of controversy.

But we haven’t seen anything quite like this before, according to research from Business Insider.

As the research shows, there are actually a lot more papaya garments being made from papaya cloths.

PETA has used a lot to make its film, including a special papaya dye and a synthetic fiber, but now it’s looking to add another ingredient to its collection of papaya clothes.

According to Business Insider, PETA is now using papaya fibers to make “Papaya Clothing dyes” for men and women, which will be sold in “an all-new line” that will also include “cotton and rayon.”

PETA describes the new papaya dyes as “faux leather” or “nylon-free,” and they’ll cost $3.99.

The company says that while “the papaya textile is a staple in the global clothing industry,” the new dyes are “a new way to bring more natural and sustainable materials to fashion.”

Poya says that its new dye line is designed to be made in a “new, environmentally friendly, high-quality facility,” and will include “a 100% cotton fabric.”

We’ll be sure to bring you more on this story as it develops.

P.S. The PETA film also revealed that PETA recently bought a papaya farm in China, where the company plans to produce its new papayae cloths and dyes.

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