How Jill Clothing’s “cider brand” is saving the world

By Laura Johnson-Fernandez, BleacherReport.comA little more than a year ago, Jill Clothing started producing an assortment of high-end denim jeans.

It’s now one of the most prominent denim brands in the world.

Jill’s clothing is a throwback to the 1970s, when denim and its textile cousins were a luxury item for the upper class.

It was a time when you could buy a suit for $200, a suit and tie for $300, a tie for about $400.

These days, you can buy jeans for about a thousand bucks.

And as you may have noticed, the company has been working on a range of new styles since last year.

The latest was a “cane” style, a denim and cotton blend.

The denim and the cotton blend are also made from a material called “cotton” which is more durable and less susceptible to fading than denim.

In an interview with Business Insider, Jill’s creative director and founder Jill Levey explained how the company developed the new jeans:I remember seeing a photo of a couple on a yacht in the 1970’s, and we just wanted to do something that was fun and wearable and something that people were interested in, because we felt like we could create a fabric that was more durable, but still very wearable.

And we really wanted to make it a little bit more wearable than the normal jeans that you could wear, and that we could wear with any outfit, like a suit or a dress.

We wanted to get away from jeans that were super-tight and really bulky.

So we created a cotton-jean that is super-soft and stretchy, but not too stretchy or too tight.

And it’s also super-thin and lightweight, so it’s very lightweight, but it’s not too heavy or too bulky.

I just thought, This is really cool.

We’ve got something that’s a little more comfortable and slightly less bulky than what we’re used to.

So, in 2018, Jill started to use the cotton denim in its jeans.

They have the same stretch and look as the regular jeans, but they’re more versatile, because they’re all made from cotton instead of polyester.

They’re also more durable.

And I think the cotton-jeans have actually made a huge impact on the fabric, because the quality has gone up.

When we started, I remember there were only about 20 pairs of jeans, and now there are about 30 pairs, because cotton has really improved the quality of the denim.

So if you’ve ever wondered if a pair of jeans would be worth the money or if you could do better with jeans, or if it’s a good idea to wear a pair with a jacket or a coat, then you’re in luck.

Jill is going to save the world by making more of them.

We wanted to put together a collection that we thought would be very fun and stylish, that would be more comfortable than jeans, more versatile than jeans.

And that’s why we decided to go with a cotton denim blend, because it’s actually very versatile.

You can wear it with any suit, and even a dress shirt, and it’s really light, and you can wear this blend with a belt or with a vest.

We call it a cotton/cotton blend.

We’re not making it super lightweight, and because it comes in a lot of different colors, you’ll be able to choose which colors you like the most.

And then you can choose which denim color to go for.

We were able to do it because the materials and the processes that we had are really, really, very sustainable.

When you’re talking about these materials, the whole process is 100 percent organic, and they’re sustainable because of the way they’re made.

They were made from the most sustainable plant on Earth, which is a species of balsam fir.

So, they’re not just cotton, but balsams and other natural fibres.

And they’re incredibly durable.

The natural fibre in the blend is the cotton that you find in cotton swabs.

It has a very long life cycle.

We also use a lot less water.

And so you get a great denim that’s really breathable and has a really strong feel.

It feels like cotton is woven into your skin, and the fabric is woven on your body.

So what does that mean for you?

When you buy a pair, you are buying a brand that is going after the next big thing, because Jill is not just focused on a single style.

We are very, very interested in the whole fabric and the whole thing.

So you’re buying something that you can be excited about and you are also really passionate about.

And Jill has a long history of making jeans that have been made to last a lifetime, so they’re going to last forever.

And the way that they are made, it’s going to be so

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