How to dress to impress women

It is all about looking stylish, not just in clothes, says a fashion expert.

The problem with wearing the same thing in the same outfit is the result of the wearer feeling that the clothes they are wearing don’t match up with the body they are showing off. 

I can tell you right now, you are looking sexy if you are a woman, says Dr Helen Sill, a leading fashion expert at the University of Exeter in the UK.

The key is to be comfortable and confident, she says.

‘You are not wearing anything you don’t want to be wearing’ Dr Sill says you can be sexy wearing clothes that fit you perfectly, and are made to feel comfortable.

Dr Samp says it is all down to your sense of self-worth and style.

You may be wearing the exact same clothes, or a slightly different look, but they are still all made to look beautiful, she adds. 

Dr Sill has been speaking about her favourite style for years, which is the sexy-chic look. 

‘You are always going to be looking for a certain look that you can relate to, and the same with clothing,’ she says, explaining that the key is how you wear it. 

The sexy look can be a mix of clothing and accessories.

For instance, some women wear leggings with a pair of trousers or a jacket.

Others may wear legging boots, or flip flops, and some wear dresses. 

A lot of people wear legged shoes, which make them look slimmer, Dr Sills says.

Dr Helen explains that it is important to not be afraid of looking too sexy, because wearing sexy clothing is going to make you feel sexy too. 

If you do want to look more confident in your clothes, Dr Helen says you may want to make a list of the most flattering things you can wear, like a dress that you love, a blouse, a skirt or a pair, as well as the most feminine items you can put on. 

Find out more about fashion for women at The BBC’s Everyday Style podcast. 

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