‘Barely a scratch’ for young girl with cerebral palsy

Barely a scrap: A young girl has received the first of her three brain transplants at an Edinburgh hospital.

A baby girl, born in August, has been left with a rare condition which causes her to be born with her right hand completely fused to her left arm.

The girl, whose name is not being published, is from Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary and was born with cerebral dysplasia, a form of neurological disorder that can cause movement difficulties and mental problems.

Her condition is not life threatening, but it is a serious challenge for the mother, who is now 16 months old.

The baby’s mother was not given the opportunity to receive the transplant, but has been given a second chance to live her life normally.

The surgery to fuse her arm was carried out in Edinburgh’s St Andrews University Hospital.

The Royal Infill hospital in Edinburgh, which is affiliated with the Royal College of Surgeons of Scotland, is one of the largest in the UK and is home to some of the world’s best surgeons.

The hospital is renowned for pioneering surgical procedures in the field of paediatric surgery and the treatment of children with congenital anomalies.

It is also known for pioneering research in areas including paediatric anaesthesia, paediatric endocrinology and paediatric neuroscience.

The operation was carried in the intensive care unit of the hospital where the child was born.

Dr Stephen Kelly, chief executive of the Royal Infilling, said: “The surgery has been a success, the child’s new limb has now become a fully functioning limb, but the team is very pleased with the outcome.”

This child has a lot of life ahead of her.

The operation has provided her with a great deal of confidence.

“The baby, who was born in a special ward of the Infilling’s St Andrew’s Hospital, was transferred to the paediatric unit of Edinburgh Royal Infills Children’s Hospital for intensive care.

The child’s mother is in intensive care at the hospital.

She was given a chance to enjoy life at home, and she is now receiving care there.

The newborn was also taken to a private clinic for surgery to remove her left hand.

She said:”The operation went well.

It’s been a long road, but we’ve been working on the child and she’s getting on very well.

“A team of doctors and nurses from the hospital were involved in the operation, with help from staff at St Andrews and Edinburgh Childrens Hospitals.

The operations took around two hours, and there were no complications.

The child has been discharged from the intensive-care unit.

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