Which baby clothes are on sale this weekend?

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Baby clothes and baby equipment are on the move in the United States as retailers are grappling with a changing market amid a surging popularity of the online baby shopping site BabyCenter.

BabyCenter has seen its market share decline from a high of about 90 percent in 2010 to about 70 percent in 2015.

BabyCenter said on Monday it has about 20 million active members in more than 2,200 cities, towns and townships.

BabyCenter has about $12 billion in annual sales, a far cry from the $20 billion in revenues in 2010.

The BabyCenter market is largely dominated by older women.

BabyGear, which is part of the BabyCenter business, has been the biggest seller of clothing online, but other BabyCenter products are also on the market.

BabyGifts, a line of baby products, has also grown to about 500 stores.

BabyGear sells baby shirts, baby pants and baby dresses, and BabyGear Baby Lingerie has a baby apparel line.

BabyToys, which sells toys for infants, is selling baby apparel.

BabyShoes, which makes baby shoes and other products for adults, is on the rise.

BabyPants, which offers baby socks, is one of the biggest BabyCenter sellers online.

BabyFurniture, which has baby furnishings, is the second biggest Babycenter seller, followed by BabyMeal.

In the U.S., BabyCenter said BabyGear has grown from selling more than 100 million items in 2010 and is now the fourth largest baby shopping retailer in the country, behind Wal-Mart, Target and Kohl’s.

Babycenter said BabyCenter will continue to sell BabyGear baby clothing and BabyMood Baby Products, a baby food brand, through the end of 2016.

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