How to cut your own baby clothes

How to get baby clothes for a new mom, and for yourself!

This week, I have a few new baby clothes and cut my own baby stuff. 

The baby clothes are cute and fun, and it is hard to pass up on these cute ones! 

Here’s how to do it:1.

Get a cut-to-size baby size crib or cribbed couch (I love these because they are inexpensive)2.

Cut out the crib with a circular saw, a router, and scissors (I cut the crib in half and cut a hole in the middle, then cut the top from the crib).3.

Then fold the crib to the side and sew the front and back seams. 


Cut out the front of the crib (you’ll need to use a circular or saw to do this, too)5.

Cut the front (you’ll have to sew two sections of fabric together to get the right width)6. 

Sew the front seams (there should be a gap between the front half of the crib and the front)7. 

Using a pair of scissors, cut a two-inch seam in the front.8. 

Stitch the back and the front together (you will need to make two seams on both ends of the fabric)9. 

Use a sewing machine to sew the two pieces together. 


Attach the crib, and you’re done! 

What you’ll need for this project:You can make your own crib by cutting out the pieces of crib you want, and then folding them in half to make a new crib.

I have shown you how to make this crib, but you can also get cribbed cribs made at Home Depot.

Here’s a video I made about it.

I have made cribbed clothes for my two little boys, and I like the way they look. 

But I have always wanted to make my own crib and have been trying to find cribbed pieces that were smaller, and more cute. 

This crib looks adorable. 

So, I cut out a crib and started to sew together pieces. 

Then I used a circular sewing machine and a router to cut out the front and back seam. 

 The front seam is important to this project, as you want to make sure the fabric is evenly divided. 

You can sew two pieces of fabric on each side of the front, or you can sew one piece on the top, then fold the other over. 

If you want the front to be longer than the back, fold the fabric over.

I like it shorter on the front than the back. 

Once the pieces are sewn together, you can attach them to the crib using the cribbing hooks and pins. 

I used the crib hook and pins, because the ones I had were smaller. 

Now that you have the crib pieces, it is time to sew them together! 

Cut a crib to fit the size of your head and feet, and sew on the fabric. 


Take a sheet of fabric and fold it in half lengthwise. 


Lay the fabric on top of the head and feet. 


Pin the back of the piece to the front (so that the top of your crib is facing up). 4

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