When the Gap’s baby clothes came out, it was a game changer

The Gap’s $9.99 baby clothes were a game-changer for women.

For the first time, they were more comfortable than their dresses and pants.

And when they became available, they became the first brand to sell full-length, designer baby wear.

The Gap was the first to make baby clothes affordable and available to the masses.

Its products were affordable and affordable, too.

As the Baby Boom started to trickle into their 70s, Gap became the place where women could find the most stylish clothing.

As it became harder to find affordable clothing in its age bracket, the company took its Baby Boomers, a group of women in their 70 and older who were the first generation of women to purchase baby clothes.

It sold more than 3 million baby clothes in 1996.

The boomers are now the oldest demographic in the U.S., and Gap is slowly losing its edge in the baby department.

“I think that the baby boomers have always been the ones that bought more baby clothes than anybody else, but they didn’t think about that,” said Suzanne Zuckerman, who runs Gap in a nondescript office in a suburb of Dallas.

The Boomers have become the new Baby Dolls.

Baby Doll fashion is changing fast.

The Baby Boomer generation, which was born in the 1960s, has the largest baby boom in the world, and it’s changing the way women look at baby clothes as well.

The trend began when Baby Boers started buying more clothes in the 1980s and ’90s.

Many of them didn’t have children and they had fewer disposable income, so they bought less and less.

But the Boomers had no problem buying a new pair of clothes every couple of years.

In the ’90S, Baby Booms started buying lots of baby clothes again, and Gap began selling them at a premium.

Now, Baby Doll clothes are becoming trendy and affordable.

A few years ago, Baby Bombers bought more than $1 billion worth of Baby Doll baby clothes last year, according to data from The Gap.

They also bought lots of Gap baby apparel.

And Baby Doll Babywear is becoming popular among baby boom and tween girls.

They buy Baby Doll dresses and dresses with baby names like Baby and Baby Boy.

Baby Boom women who don’t have kids are starting to buy Baby Dress, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl outfits.

“The trend is to be more adult-oriented, to dress up a little bit, and to be in the realm of the grown-up,” said Julie Stolz, a brand marketing specialist at Gap.

Baby Baby Clothing is a trend in the Baby Doll category that Baby Boos have been buying for decades.

The baby apparel is a way for women to express themselves.

It’s not just a baby doll.

It is a style that is now being worn by a lot of women, particularly the women of color who tend to wear baby dresses, Baby Beads, Baby Boots, Baby Gloves, and a lot more.

But Baby Doll Clothing is just the beginning of a baby boom that will eventually make baby clothing a staple in the fashion world.

“It is going to be a trend that will change how people think about how to look,” said Zuckman.

“We are seeing it with the Baby Boomes.

They have a little more money, but their fashion is different, their lifestyle is different.”

Zuckmans dress is a white, one-piece dress with a blue belt.

Her dress has a long train.

She bought it for $200, which is more than she makes a week in the Gap store.

The dress is one of several Baby Doll styles that have begun to spread like wildfire in the last few years.

Baby dolls are starting out as small items, usually $100-$200.

But they’re growing and becoming more affordable.

Baby doll clothing is becoming a trend for both men and women.

It looks like a baby, and then it grows into something much more.

It becomes more sophisticated, and much more stylish, Zuckeman said.

The first generation to buy baby dolls and other Baby Doll clothing was the Boomer Generation.

Baby boomers grew up in the 1950s and 1960s in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, the heart of the booming boom years in the 1970s.

They are the oldest group in the country and are now a demographic group that has a big influence on fashion trends.

The younger boomers, who are in their 20s and 30s, are not as well educated as the Booms, so it was hard for them to get into the Gap, where they could shop for clothing for baby clothes and other styles, according and experts on Baby Doll.

The average age of Baby Boomed women is now 37, up from 32 in 1994.

They’re also more active, buying clothes at an average of three times a week. The

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