What to wear for your newborn at home

The mother who nursed her newborn and delivered it at home is now the new mom-to-be, and her first child has also become a mom.

“I just want to be a mom now,” says mother of one Stephanie McCarty.

She gave birth to her second child, her first baby, on Oct. 1, 2018, at home in New Jersey.

“It was so much easier,” McCarty says.

“There’s nothing better.”

The baby boy, now four months old, was born at home with McCarty’s mother.

She was there for the birth and gave birth in her bed.

“You’re like, ‘Wow, it’s so big!'”

McCarty recalls.

“The nurses were super supportive.

They’re really nice.”

McCarty was on the hunt for maternity clothes when she was pregnant with her second son.

The only place she could find maternity clothing was online.

But the company that runs the online stores, Lulu, was no longer selling maternity clothing.

So McCarty went back to the store, where she saw the maternity clothing online and thought, I want to do that, too.

“And then I thought, this is a good idea,” she says.

McCarty used Lulu’s website to order maternity clothes.

“This is the way it was in 2010, right?” she says with a laugh.

“When we first started the company, it was a bit of a joke.”

In 2010, Lulus first launched a maternity clothing line called Women and Babywear.

Lulu didn’t sell maternity clothes for women at the time, but they sold maternity pants for women.

“We didn’t know what we were doing,” McCarter says.

In 2012, the company started expanding to other areas of the world.

Lulus is now sold in 70 countries.

McCarter has now started a company called Moms Demand for Maternity Clothing, and she sells maternity clothing and other products online for moms to choose from.

She says Lulus helped her feel a sense of confidence and pride.

“My first year of being a mom, it felt like I had this identity, and it was really empowering,” she recalls.

The brand has also been a big hit with moms who want to go beyond just wearing clothes and accessories.

“They really love their Lulus,” McCarthys friend and Lulu customer Sarah Hargrave says.

Hargrove says Lulu is becoming a popular choice among moms who are in the midst of having their first child.

“Some people have babies, some have kids,” she said.

“Sometimes people want to wear maternity clothing or maternity accessories, and they’re really into that, because it’s something that feels a bit more comfortable and more personal.”

Hargraves friend is Lulu user Amanda Riddell.

“For her, it feels like it’s just a way to express herself,” Riddells friend says.

Riddel says Lulys appeal to moms who have no other choice.

“To her, there’s something so beautiful about being a mother and having a child,” she explains.

“She loves wearing maternity clothes and maternity accessories and she’s really into it.”

For more on Lulu and maternity clothing, check out our feature story, “Lulus on the Road to a New Baby.”

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