How to use Apple Pay in iOS 8

Apple’s new mobile payment system is making it easier for users to make purchases online without having to carry around a bulky phone.

Apple Pay is now the default option in many countries and is now a must-have in many, including Australia, India, Singapore, the U.K. and most of Europe.

Apple has confirmed that iOS 8.3.1 will be released on March 6, but the company has not said when it will be available to download or install.

This isn’t the first time Apple Pay has made its way to the mobile platform.

The company introduced it back in 2016 with iOS 8, but has yet to make any significant improvements in the way the payment system works.

If you need to pay for an item that isn’t in your physical cart, you’ll need to tap the card reader, but you can also use the app to scan the card.

You can then select the item to be paid and use the payment option on the app, where you can then tap the QR code to pay the full amount.

You can also swipe up from the bottom of the screen to pay with your fingerprint.

This is all part of Apple’s efforts to make Apple Pay more convenient and easier to use, which includes making it a default option when using an iPhone.

But the company hasn’t made the new system available for all devices.

Apple’s payment system requires you to have a physical card to use it.

So it’s not like you can just swipe the card up from where it is and pay with the Touch ID fingerprint.

You’ll need a physical Apple Pay card, and you’ll also need to have an Apple ID or a password to use the service.

To use Apple’s payment feature, you will need a passcode to unlock your iPhone.

Apple is making the process a little more complicated than previous versions of Apple Pay.

In iOS 8 , Apple introduced a new option called Touch ID.

Touch ID is the fingerprint sensor that sits underneath the screen.

It works by scanning your fingerprint and then unlocking the iPhone.

It doesn’t use any extra hardware or software to do this.

Instead, Touch ID uses the screen’s display as the sensor.

You swipe up to swipe up and then down to swipe down.

Touch IDs are also more secure than fingerprint sensors, which can be easily broken and stolen.

Apple is also making Touch ID optional for some iOS 8 devices.

You still need to download a new app to use Touch ID, but it will work for the first six months of Apple Watch, and it will not be necessary for newer Apple Watch models.

There are a few more features that Apple is adding to Apple Pay, like new cards that allow you to pay and use a debit card.

Apple Pay also includes a feature that lets you pay with cash or debit cards in a single transaction.

Apple’s announcement of the new cards is a sign of its commitment to make its payments platform more secure and convenient.

Apple isn’t saying when Apple Pay will be on its way out of the App Store, but we’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

Apple says that the iOS 8 mobile payment app will be rolling out to all iPhone users in the U., U.S. and Canada over the next few weeks.

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