You can buy rainbow clothing for your baby

You can now buy baby clothes in Japan.

The country’s national clothing company said on Friday that it had launched its “rainbow” clothing line to help parents cope with the changing climate.

The company said it was the first time it had made such a bold move.

The idea was to bring together the rainbow and rainbows that are popular in Japan, where the season is marked by the arrival of the northern summer.

“Rainbow and rainbow are both very important colors for Japan, so we decided to combine them together,” a spokeswoman said.

“For the past six years we have been preparing our products for the climate change situation, and this year we wanted to create a line with a new rainbow-colored fabric that we can wear in our home.”

The company has a range of baby clothes and baby shoes, including baby clothes with an outer shell made from silk and baby clothing with a soft outer shell.

The new range comes with the same designs as before, with the exception of the outer shell, which is a new fabric.

The main difference is that the fabric is now a soft fabric, so babies can wear it comfortably.

The rainbow fabric is made of cotton, rayon, and rayon-polyester.

The outer shell is made from rayon and is the material used to make the outer clothing.

There are many new colours to choose from, including white and green, which are a lighter shade of green.

“We are proud to offer the first rainbow-patterned baby clothes for the new season,” said the spokeswoman.

The clothing is now available from Japan’s largest chain of clothing stores, the Hayabusa chain.

The clothes can be purchased from Hayabusas outlets at various retailers including Mitsuya, Rakuten, and Tsubasa.

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