Pink clothing and the ‘social-justice warrior’ label

On Friday, the company that manufactures the popular pink dress brand Temptalia launched a video titled “The New Feminism in a Pink Dress” to promote its latest line.

Titled “The Revolution in Pink,” the video shows two models in pink and black clothing standing together on a balcony.

“We are a revolution in pink,” one of them exclaims.

“If you’re in the middle of the revolution in the pink, you’re the revolution!”

The other model then says, “I’m gonna get on my bike and I’m gonna ride down the street to every pink dress shop, every pink store, and I will ask you to please make this pink dress for me.”

The company’s new line, titled Temptaria, has been popular for its bright pink colors and the way it is both easy to buy and easy to get.

“I think it’s just so empowering to be able to do something,” said Tiffany Burdick, founder and CEO of Temptia, during a recent interview with the New York Times.

“You don’t have to be a feminist to make something pink.

It just has to be pink.”

In a blog post announcing the video, the website said that “Pink, which has been one of the most popular brands in the fashion world for years, has become one of our favorite brands because of its revolutionary and bold message.”

The site went on to explain that the line’s new pink line includes items like a “super-light, high-impact, non-toxic, noncomedogenic, and lightweight” bra.

The pink dresses also feature “an all-natural, eco-friendly fabric that offers soft, warm underarms.”

In addition, the site noted that the dresses have been sold in pink stores and have also been available at many other online retailers.

“Pink is the perfect color for any occasion, but we wanted to take the challenge a little further with our new line of pink,” the site said.

“With this pink collection, you can feel empowered to be more confident in yourself and your own femininity.

Pink is a statement and it’s a trend, and it should be embraced.

And it is.

Pink makes you feel fabulous.”

Temptals new pink dress line was created in collaboration with New York-based clothing and lifestyle brand Pink Pussy.

Pink Pussies new line includes clothing like a super-light bra, a non-comedogenic cotton bra, and a high-performance, non–toxic cotton panties. 

The company’s brand spokesperson, Liza Sartori, told the Times that the pink dresses were inspired by “a lot of different things that happened to women of color in the last couple of decades.”

“I just think it was time to say, ‘OK, let’s make pink something different than what we have seen before,'” she said.

She added that the brand’s new dresses “is meant to be feminine, but also empowering and fun.”

In March, the Huffington Post reported that the clothing brand had already sold about 1 million pink dresses.

A Temptal spokesperson told the magazine that the company is “working on a lot of creative ways to celebrate the brand,” including “new color palettes and patterns that include more than one color.”

“We think the best way to celebrate pink is to wear pink,” said Sartari, “because pink is the color of empowerment, and we want to show our support and be proud of it.”

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