Venus Fashion’s ‘fancy’ suit for your inner thigh

With the first public unveiling of Venus Fashion, the brand has created a sexy new suit to suit the inner thigh of its fans.

Venus Fashion unveiled its ‘fancies’ in the UK earlier this year, and the new suits have now been rolled out to Australia and New Zealand.

While the brand’s website describes the suits as ‘futuristic and retro’, there is no indication of the suit’s name or colour, nor does it say which colour it will be available in.

The suits come in a range of different styles including a black, white and grey.

You can buy a ‘fantastic’ Venus Fashion suit online now.

The new suits are priced at $300 and $200, respectively, and come with a variety of pockets, waist belts, a belt clip and a black leather belt buckle.

The Venus Fashion website states that the suits can be worn by men or women, and that they are designed to ‘recharge your legs and muscles’.

Venus Fashion has made a number of changes to its designs in recent months, including releasing a ‘shark skin’ suit, which is designed to mimic a shark’s skin colour and can be found for sale at the fashion retailer’s online store.

The suit is also now available in black and grey colours, with the brand also saying that its “fancy suits” are available in a ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ version.

It’s worth noting that the new Venus Fashion suits are available for pre-order through the company’s online shop, which has an “all you need” price tag of $300.

The brand is not yet offering a release date for its suits, but we’ll keep you posted.

Venus Clothing’s latest release was its ‘Suit for the Future’, which is available for $200 and features a black suit with a white and black shirt, black pants and a grey leather belt.

The company also unveiled a new “mixed” Venus Fashion collection for the year, which includes a “vintage look” for $300, and a “modern” Venus fashion collection for $400.

The clothing line also recently unveiled its “vast array of exclusive items”, including “diamond and gold jewellery”, a “museum piece” and a ‘gold-themed’ Venus fashion accessory.

Venus is also currently looking to expand its online store, which now offers more than 500 items.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Venus Fashion outfit, head over to Venus Fashion and you can also follow the brand on Instagram.

You’ll find more information on the Venus Fashion brand and the Venus fashion line on the brand site, as well as on the official Venus Fashion Facebook page.

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