How to dress like a Kappa from The Simpsons

When I was a kid, I remember thinking, “I’ll be the Kappa!”

I wore the kappa shorts and tank tops of the Kappas, and I wanted to be that guy.

I wanted the look, the feel, the voice of the kappas.

I loved that show.

It was a great story.

But I couldn’t get my hands on the kapps.

I was so young.

So I went back to the kapas’ original, simpler, original design.

I would go to the Kapps, and say, “Oh, I want that kappa costume.”

And I’d get like this: “No, you guys can’t have that.”

They’d be like, “You don’t want it.”

So I would say, like, no, and then I’d go to another shop and buy it.

I’m like, Wow, I have to get it for my mom.

So then I would get it, and they’d say, Oh, it’s a Kappa costume.

And I’m really, really, like “Oh!”

They’re like, You want it?

You got it?

So I’m just like, Okay, let’s do this.

I didn’t know the difference between a kappa and a kapu.

I thought it was just the same, and the kapper [laughs] was just another name for me.

So when I finally got my Kappa costume, I was like, That’s so cool!

It was like I was just walking in and doing my thing.

I wasn’t thinking, What am I doing?

I was actually just walking into a room full of people and going, Oh!

This is really cool!

And that was the first time I got a Kapu costume.

It’s not the Kapas that I’m wearing now.

I got my original Kapp as a kid.

I wore it for a long time.

And then, when I got older, I got an outfit called the Kuppa costume, and it was really cool, and so it’s something I wear today.

I just love it.

You have to wear it to your local mall, or you’ll be like “What’s that?”

It’s like a costume.

I always wore it in the car.

You know, I’ve been driving a car since I was 17 years old.

It just feels so great.

It has a lot of energy to it.

It feels like a kampong, or a kappa.

So, if you’re into the kapping and you don’t like the look of it, it might be the wrong costume for you.

But if you love it and want to be like the Kapo, then it might just be right for you!

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