How Trump won over the women who fought to get him elected

The Trump administration is moving ahead with an effort to expand access to child care in rural communities.

The administration has requested $100 million to provide up to 300,000 more beds for children ages 6 to 18 who live in rural areas that were previously off limits to families.

The funds would be used to expand services in places like the state of Montana, which already provides nearly 700,000 preschoolers to families that can’t afford the cost of private care.

The program would also be funded by a federal grant to support the cost for parents to get their children into childcare and also to pay for other expenses related to childcare.

Under the program, child care would be offered in more rural areas, such as Montana’s Western Divide region, and it would be provided by providers that have a “community-based child care model.”

The administration says it wants to create a model that would work across the country.

The move is part of a larger effort to provide more childcare and more affordable care for low-income families.

In the last year, the administration has made a number of moves to expand childcare, including a proposed $1 billion increase in childcare subsidies for the next three years.

The new funding would be part of the $1.3 trillion plan, which includes a series of measures that would expand access for millions of families, including tax credits, financial assistance, and other financial incentives.

It would also expand the ability of communities to purchase child care services, which are more accessible to lower-income residents.

The plan would also provide $1,000 tax credits for child care providers and provide other financial assistance to help families purchase childcare, according to a White House announcement Monday.

Trump’s budget would also include $1 million to support family-owned businesses.

The Trump administration has been moving ahead on a number proposals aimed at expanding access to childcare, such, the expansion of childcare subsidies, financial support for small businesses, and tax incentives for businesses to purchase childcare.

In a recent speech, Trump said he was “a believer” in the program because of its proven success.

The president has been making some changes to his plan to expand child care.

He recently ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to revise the standards for how families can qualify for childcare subsidies.

He also announced a pilot program that would provide grants to help low- and moderate-income children transition into kindergarten.

In September, Trump also announced an expansion of the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which provides coverage for nearly 400,000 low- to moderate-level households.

The CHIP expansion is part-funded by the Trump administration’s Medicaid expansion.

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