‘You can’t hide it’ from men’s clothing brand

It’s not a big surprise to find men’s fashion brands taking to social media in a big way, with more than a dozen brands on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in the past few days.

But the trend is not confined to men’s wear.

The likes of Topshop and Abercrombie & Fitch have been following the trend, as has clothing designer John Alexander.

But what is surprising about the trend seems to be that many of these brands are actually quite subtle.

For example, there’s a big push on social media for the ‘men’s’ version of the label, rather than the ‘women’s’ one.

And it appears there’s been a lot of debate about the differences between the two styles.

While it’s not exactly a new trend to take the ‘mens’ label off the market, it seems to have caught on for men’s designers, who are using social media to discuss the differences in style.

The difference, in a word, is subtle.

“You can hide it”, the men’s brand told the ABC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme.

“If you want to be like the men who have a great wardrobe, you have to be careful about it.”

I think it’s a very subtle difference and there’s more to it than just what we have on the front.

“While the trend may be getting a bit of a push from the likes of Abercromy, Topshop is in a much different position to the rest of the industry.”

They’re trying to get back into men’s,” says John Alexander, who is a designer of men’s clothes.”

But you can’t avoid being men’s brands.

It’s a huge shift.

“The trend is catching on for brands that cater specifically to menThe trend, which started last year with a Twitter hashtag #menswearmenswear, has spread like wildfire.

The hashtag has seen more than 250,000 tweets since its inception and many brands have embraced the trend.

Some brands are opting to use the hashtag in their own marketing, with a number of retailers including Abercrocq, Abercram and G&G offering shirts with the hashtag on their websites.

Abercrombies, for example, have a T-shirt with the phrase “men’s and women’s”.”

I don’t want to go back to the days when we had a ‘men’ label and a ‘women’ label,” Abercraem told Derbyshit.”

Now we have a very different way of communicating with men, and a way of saying, ‘We are men, so you can go out and find us’.

“So you can do it in your shop, your store, your website, but you have a little bit more room.

And we’ve got a lot more to say about that.””

If it’s for a man, that’s for him.

If it’s about a woman, that means you’re looking for a good pair of trousers, you want a great pair of shoes, you’re interested in a great suit.

You can do a lot with it.”

While John Alexander says the trend has caught on with men’s design, he says it is not for everyone.

“It’s not for every guy,” he says.

“When we launched it, we had to have a man in the office, and it’s still not a good fit for everyone, especially if you’re not a professional designer.”

The hashtag has also been used to promote men’s accessories and clothing.

“We do a really great job with our men’s products,” Abercé told the BBC.

“The reason we’re not selling everything that is men’s is because we’re working very hard to put more women’s and men’s into the market.”

And there’s still so much more to do to give men more options.

“John Alexander says that the trend for men to be more active is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the hashtag.”

This is something we’re doing to help young men, it’s something that’s a great way of bringing young people into the space,” he said.”

So for the guys who are younger and have the time, they can look at what we’re putting out there and they’ll come and try to make their own choices and hopefully buy the things we’re producing.

“These guys, they’re really, really passionate.

And they want to get out there.

We’ve got to keep pushing them and keep telling them, ‘Don’t get in your comfort zone’.”


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