How to wear a new coat in Windsor

When the Windsor Hotel opens in the fall, it will be the first in Canada to feature a new, “Windsor-made” coat in its collection.

But unlike other hotels, Windsor’s will not be a one-off.

The hotel will be owned by the Windsor Development Corporation, which owns hotels and other properties throughout Canada.

The Windsor Development Corp. owns the entire Windsor Hotel, but the corporation has also developed the property for a variety of purposes including residential, retail and commercial development.

That includes the Windsor Castle, which is a hotel, convention center, and concert venue that is currently being refurbished for a new hotel.

Windsor’s new coat is designed to be a stylish touch, with “windsors” in gold accents on the upper body and a matching black jacket.

A gold crown is also on the collar, which the Windsor Corporation plans to be worn around the neck.

It’s a “high-end” coat, the company said, that will “stand out from the rest” by being “designed for comfort, durability and style.”

The coat is also designed to blend in with the Windsor surroundings, and will feature a variety a accessories, including a red-and-white scarf, a white belt, and a black tie.

Windsor is the only hotel in the province to offer a coat with gold accents.

But the hotel has been selling a coat for a year now, but it’s not always the most popular coat.

In 2014, for example, the hotel received an average of two reviews per week.

“We have a huge fan base and we’re happy to see them,” Windsor’s CEO Peter D’Arcy said of the new coat.

“I think it’s going to be popular, and people are going to wear it for sure.”

It’s unclear whether the new Windsor coat will have the same appeal to consumers as other coats that are not from the Windsor development corporation.

For example, one review on the hotel’s website noted that “the jacket looks and feels good, but there are a few issues with the material, and the collar is way too short for our waist and legs.”

D’Artagnan said the new jacket will not only appeal to “those looking for a stylish coat,” but to people looking for “a bit of a change.”

It also will be a “cool look for summertime.”

He added that the Windsor coat has been “sold out for a while, so we are very excited to get the coat out on the street.”

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