How to find the perfect new dress from the cheapest brands

New trends in fashion are constantly changing, but some of the cheapest are not making the cut.From low-cost dressers to top-of-the-line accessories, here’s how to find what’s really right for you.Read more

When I got my first shirt, I knew I wanted to be a designer!

I’ve been on a fashion mission since I was five years old, when I joined the design club at my high school.I was a self-proclaimed fashion nerd, obsessed with all things vintage, and had the time of my life shopping for everything from vintage clothes to denim.I spent countless hours

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When does your pet’s clothing get old?

When your pet starts to look old, your pet may be trying to get older.A new study from the PetSmart brand found that a cat’s clothing, and possibly its shoes, may have worn out after 30 days.While cat owners can wear out their pet’s clothes by wearing them on their

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Which of these are the best fall clothes for kids?

In the past few years, we’ve seen a resurgence in kids’ clothing styles, with brands like Bottega Veneta and Uniqlo starting to rebrand.But while some of these new brands are gaining popularity, there’s still a lot of variation.For instance, we love the idea of a pair of skinny jeans with

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How to donate clothing to the homeless

More than 4,300 donated clothing items were collected at the Salvation Army’s new soft serve donation bins during the 2016 season, the organization announced Tuesday.The bin has been open since late August.The organization will be adding additional soft serve bins throughout the state, and donations will continue to be accepted

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How to dress for spring in the UK

The US is a country that has become synonymous with winter clothes.But many in Britain are opting for a different kind of summerwear: autumn and autumnal clothes.This article explores the best outfits for both. Source Business Insider 1.Casual Autumn Coat and Pants This is the look for the fall season, with the winter

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How to get ready for the ‘big day’ of the baby boom

A few weeks after her second birthday, Lauren Stannard had a nervous moment.The 22-year-old from Colorado had just gotten her first son, a boy called Matthew.But she was still feeling overwhelmed by the expectations of her new life.Her mother, Julie, had told her the baby would be born by cesarean

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Sani cloth: Why we love it

I got dressed for a work meeting on Thursday.I was wearing Sani, my favorite denim jacket, a black T-shirt, a pair of black pants, a blue sweater, and a black belt.I wore a pair and I had my boyfriend to help me, but I didn’t need him to.I had the

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Women are the new men in the clothing business

Clothing lines are seeing women’s demand for quality and style increase in a big way, says an analyst.While men continue to dominate the industry, women are starting to gain some ground, says Marc Poulin, head of global merchandising at PwC.“Women are increasingly interested in quality, style and service over price,

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